Valve Seats fit for Versa-Matic® Pumps

Valve Seats fit for Versa-Matic® Pumps pv170n pv240n pv356n

PumpKits® focus on polyester parts that fit Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps,

including Wilden®, ARO®, Sandpiper®,Versamatic®,and Graco®.
As one of the leading suppliers in the aftersales market for A.O.D.D pump parts,

PumpKits® has been offering the best quality products but with price 30% lower than the original parts.

Valve Seats fit for Versa-Matic® Pumps pv170n pv240n pv356n

VersaMatic® Item Number Pump Kits Item Number Description
V170N PV170N Valve Seat, Neoprene
V170BN PV170BN Valve Seat, Buna
V170VT PV170VT Valve Seat, Viton
V170ND PV170ND Valve Seat, EPDM
V240N PV240N Valve Seat, Neoprene
V240BN PV240BN Valve Seat, Buna
V240VT PV240VT Valve Seat, Viton
V240ND PV240ND Valve Seat, EPDM
V356N PV356N Valve Seat, Neoprene
V356BN PV356BN Valve Seat, Buna
V356VT PV356VT Valve Seat, Viton
V356ND PV356ND Valve Seat, EPDM
VersaMatic® Item NumberPump Kits Item NumberDescription
V170NPV170NValve Seat, Neoprene
V170BNPV170BNValve Seat, Buna
V170VTPV170VTValve Seat, Viton
V170NDPV170NDValve Seat, EPDM
V240NPV240NValve Seat, Neoprene
V240BNPV240BNValve Seat, Buna
V240VTPV240VTValve Seat, Viton
V240NDPV240NDValve Seat, EPDM
V356NPV356NValve Seat, Neoprene
V356BNPV356BNValve Seat, Buna
V356VTPV356VTValve Seat, Viton
V356NDPV356NDValve Seat, EPDM

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