Valve Balls Fit for WILDEN® Pumps

Valve Balls Fit WILDEN® Pumps 02- 04-1080-51 08-1080-52 15-1080-51

Valve Balls Fit WILDEN® Pumps 02- 04-1080-51 08-1080-52 15-1080-51

PumpKits® focus on polyester parts that fit Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps,

including Wilden®, ARO®, Sandpiper®,Versamatic®,and Graco®.

As one of the leading suppliers in the aftersales market for AODD pump parts,

PumpKits® has been offering the best quality products but with price 30% lower than the original parts.

Valve Balls Fit WILDEN® Pumps 02- 04-1080-51 08-1080-52 15-1080-51

Wilden® Item NumberPump Kits Item NumberDescription
00-1080-55P00-1080-55Valve Ball, PTFE
01-1080-51P01-1080-51Valve Ball, Neoprene
01-1080-52P01-1080-52Valve Ball, Buna
01-1080-53P01-1080-53Valve Ball, FKM
01-1080-54P01-1080-54Valve Ball, EPDM
01-1080-55P01-1080-55Valve Ball, PTFE
01-1080-58P01-1080-58Valve Ball, Santoprene
02-1080-51P02-1080-51Valve Ball, Neoprene
02-1080-52P02-1080-52Valve Ball, Buna
02-1080-53P02-1080-53Valve Ball, FKM
02-1080-54P02-1080-54Valve Ball, EPDM
02-1080-55P02-1080-55Valve Ball, PTFE
02-1080-58P02-1080-58Valve Ball, Santoprene
02-1085-51P02-1085-51Valve Ball, Neoprene
02-1085-52P02-1085-52Valve Ball, Buna
02-1085-55P02-1085-55Valve Ball, PTFE
04-1080-51P04-1080-51Valve Ball, Neoprene
04-1080-52P04-1080-52Valve Ball, Buna
04-1080-53P04-1080-53Valve Ball, FKM
04-1080-54P04-1080-54Valve Ball, EPDM
04-1080-55P04-1080-55Valve Ball, PTFE
04-1080-58P04-1080-58Valve Ball, Santoprene
04-1085-55P04-1085-55Valve Ball, PTFE
08-1086-55P08-1086-55Valve Ball, PTFE
08-1080-51P08-1080-51Valve Ball, Neoprene
08-1080-52P08-1080-52Valve Ball, Buna
08-1080-53P08-1080-53Valve Ball, FKM
08-1080-54P08-1080-54Valve Ball, EPDM
08-1080-55P08-1080-55Valve Ball, PTFE
08-1080-58P08-1080-58Valve Ball, Santoprene
15-1086-55P15-1086-55Valve Ball, PTFE
15-1080-51P15-1080-51Valve Ball, Neoprene
15-1080-52P15-1080-52Valve Ball, Buna
15-1080-53P15-1080-53Valve Ball, FKM
15-1080-54P15-1080-54Valve Ball, EPDM
15-1080-55P15-1080-55Valve Ball, PTFE
15-1080-58P15-1080-58Valve Ball, Santoprene
15-1085-55P15-1085-55Valve Ball, PTFE
20-1080-55P20-1080-55Valve Ball, PTFE