Valve Balls fit for Sandpiper® Pumps

valve balls warren rupp aodd pumps sandpiper replacements parts

valve balls warren rupp aodd pumps sandpiper replacements parts

Quality Guarantee: Pumpkits Guarantee the quality of our products is equal or better than the Original parts.
Upon a quality claim, the customer should keep well the parts with quality problems.
Pumpkits will recall those parts at our cost and we will return the due amount to teh customer.
3) Price is subject to change based on the exchange rate between USD and CNY,
material cost increase and other uncertained conditions.
4) Payment terms: 30% down payment upon order confirmation, 70% within one week after shipment
5) Validity: 30 days for PTFE and Santoprene products, 90 days for rubber products
6) Leadtime for delivery: Usually about 4-6 weeks after order confirmation,
to be further confirmed based on an actual order.

valve balls warren rupp aodd pumps sandpiper replacements parts

Sandpiper® Item NumberPumpKits® Item NumberDescription
050-039-600P050-039-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-034-600P050-034-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-027-354P050-027-354VALVE BALLS,SANTOPRENE
050-022-600P050-022-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-028-365P050-028-365VALVE BALLS,CR
050-028-360P050-028-360VALVE BALLS,NBR
050-028-364P050-028-364VALVE BALLS,EPDM
050-028-363P050-028-363VALVE BALLS,FKM
050-028-600P050-028-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-028-354P050-028-354VALVE BALLS,SANTOPRENE
050-011-600P050-011-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-042-600P050-042-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-042-354P050-042-354VALVE BALLS,SANTOPRENE
050-019-365P050-019-365VALVE BALLS,CR
050-019-360P050-019-360VALVE BALLS,NBR
050-019-364P050-019-364VALVE BALLS,EPDM
050-019-363P050-019-363VALVE BALLS,FKM
050-024-600P050-024-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-005-365P050-005-365VALVE BALLS,CR
050-005-360P050-005-360VALVE BALLS,NBR
050-005-364P050-005-364VALVE BALLS,EPDM
050-005-363P050-005-363VALVE BALLS,FKM
050-005-354P050-005-354VALVE BALLS,SANTOPRENE
050-010-600P050-010-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-036-600P050-036-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-036-354P050-036-354VALVE BALLS,SANTOPRENE
050-017-365P050-017-365VALVE BALLS,CR
050-017-360P050-017-360VALVE BALLS,NBR
050-017-364P050-017-364VALVE BALLS,EPDM
050-017-363P050-017-363VALVE BALLS,FKM
050-017-354P050-017-354VALVE BALLS,SANTOPRENE
050-018-600P050-018-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-038-600P050-038-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-038-354P050-038-354VALVE BALLS,SANTOPRENE
050-015-600P050-015-600VALVE BALLS,PTFE
050-014-365P050-014-365VALVE BALLS,CR
050-014-360P050-014-360VALVE BALLS,NBR
050-014-364P050-014-364VALVE BALLS,EPDM
050-014-363P050-014-363VALVE BALLS,FKM
050-014-354P050-014-354VALVE BALLS,SANTOPRENE

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